Original article published on beckerspayer.com by Jakob Emerson

With the Medicare annual enrollment period set to begin Oct. 15, payers nationwide are greatly expanding their Medicare Advantage plans to new states and hundreds of new counties in 2023.

Where providers are expanding MA plans next year:


The CVS Health insurance arm said Oct. 1 it is expanding MA coverage to 141 new counties and 1 million more Medicare-eligible individuals to grow its total footprint to 46 states and Washington, D.C. The company currently has 3.2 million MA members.

The payer is also launching a new institutional special needs plan (Longevity plan) that will be offered in Pennsylvania to those living in nursing homes. The plan will cover prescription drugs and boost access to on-site care.

In addition, the company will offer a preloaded “extra benefits card” for some MA members, which will allow for the purchase of healthcare products and social determinant support services.


The largest provider of MA plans said Oct. 1 it is expanding its offerings to reach 95 percent of the country’s eligible population in 2023, which includes an additional 2.3 million people across 314 counties for MA plans and 145,000 additional people for dual special needs plans (D-SNP). The company currently has 6.95 million MA members.

The company said new benefits in 2023 will include home utilities being added to the D-SNP credit program, a flex benefit for some members to extend existing dental, vision and hearing benefits, and a national rollout of the company’s UCard. The card can be used by MA members to access care, shop with their benefits and spend rewards in one place


The company said Oct. 3 it is expanding its MA footprint by 22 percent in 2023 to reach a total of 581 counties across 28 states, which now includes New York, Kentucky and several major cities. The company currently has a total of 544,000 MA members.

Cigna said it is also introducing the Health Today flex card, an offering that bundles benefits and reward programs in one place. The company’s companionship program is also being expanded next year.


The provider said Oct. 1 it is expanding its Medicare HMO plans to 260 new counties next year and introducing Medicare LPPO plans, also in 260 new counties — the move will allow the company to reach an additional 4.6 million Medicare-eligible individuals. D-SNP will also be expanded to 184 new counties in South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming. The company currently has a total of 5.1 million MA members.

In addition, the company said more plans will feature $0 premiums. D-SNP will include $0 copays on all covered Part D prescriptions. Humana is also expanding home care support, vaccine coverage and dental benefits, along with more flexible dental, vision and hearing allowances.


Wellcare, Centene’s MA subsidiary, said Oct. 3 it is expanding plans to 209 new counties and will offer 48 newly designed plans. In addition, Amazon will be a preferred retail pharmacy provider in 2023. In 2021, the company had 1.1 million MA members.