You’ve heard it a million times: exercise is good for you. So good in fact, that it’s something you should aim to do daily.  The science is there. There are countless studies proving the countless health benefits associated with exercise. And truly, it becomes even more important as we age. On top of the benefits we’ve outlined below, physical activity will also help you maintain your independence as you age.

Disease Prevention

Studies have shown consistent physical activity can help prevent many common diseases. Don’t feel like you have to complete an intense workout! Light exercise, like walking, is also important and valuable for preventable disease management.

Decreased Risk of Falls

We hate to say it. You hate to hear it. But the truth is, older adults are at a higher risk of falling. Disastrous falls are one of the main reasons older adults are unable to maintain their independence. The good news is exercise improves strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. As result, people who exercise regularly can reduce the risk of falling.

Improved Mental Health

Working out is a great way to release stress or tension. While we workout, we release endorphins. Ahhhh, endorphins. The feel-good hormone. This leaves you feeling happy. Plus, working out makes you feel productive and can lead you to make healthier decisions all day long, so to not ruin a good workout!  Exercise has also been shown to improve sleep. This can be especially important for older adults who often suffer from insomnia and disrupted sleep patterns.

Social Engagement

Group fitness is a great way to make friends and stay social. Friendships and social ties are vital for our health, giving us each a sense of purpose and fulfilment.  Find a class you enjoy and see who you can meet. You can try Zumba, dance, weight lifting, step aerobics, swimming, or walking!

Many gyms offer Silver Sneaker classes, designed for folks 65 and older. Some Medicare Advantage plans will cover the costs associated with gyms in order for you to take and enjoy these classes. To see if you qualify, click here to take our quiz or give us a call.

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