There are approximately 500,000 service animals helping people in the United States.  These dogs are incredible thanks to much training. Not to mention, dogs are amazingly awesome even before training.

A service dog can detect if someone with diabetes has dangerously low blood sugar, help guide visually impaired folks to wherever they want to go, cope with PTSD or sever depressions and even protect a handler who is having a seizure. Service animals change the lives of their handles, whether it’s mentally, physically, or sensory.

As you can image, the training and care required for this is extensive… and expensive. Leaving many to ask, are service dogs covered in Medicare?

In short, many medical costs, especially those related to disabilities, are covered by Medicare. This is wonderful news considering it makes it easier for beneficiaries to afford the care they need. However, not as wonderful, as it stands right now,  Medicare doesn’t cover the costs of getting a service animal. Nor does it cover the day-to-day costs of a service animal, like feeding and veterinarian bills which can be pretty costly.

So what options do you have?

In some circumstances, you can use Social Security Disability Income benefits to help pay for your service animal.  This is also true of traditional Social Security benefits as well. If you are a veteran who is receiving veteran benefits from the VA, you may also be eligible to receive coverage for a service animal. If none of that applies to you, don’t worry. There are some Medicare Advantage plans that will help cover these costs. Plans vary by state and circumstance, so the best way to determine if this is a realistic option for you is to call our Medicare Benefits Review Hotline. You can also start by taking our quick and easy quiz. Over 159,000 people have taken it so far, and we have been able to help thousands of people find better Medicare benefits for their unique needs.

If you are someone who could benefit from a service animal, or receiving more financial support in caring for your service animal, don’t wait! Call us now to see if you are eligible – 855-515-5087